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Our Customers

Our customers present a wide range of use-cases in the deployment and management of distributed energy resources, calling for flexible, needs-based solutions.

Doosan GridTech’s contracted portfolio includes projects with public and investor-owned utilities covering many use cases and battery technologies.



Utilities planning to move toward wide-scale deployment of energy storage soon realize that a unified control platform is the only way to manage significant numbers of energy storage assets. Doosan GridTech has worked with utility customers over the past several years to create and bring that control platform to market.


Our projects cover a wide range of use cases that call for a variety of operating modes, battery chemistries, and power/energy ratios, from a 2MW/7MWh flow battery installation designed to shift energy and provide general support to the circuit, to a 100MW/150MWh Lithium-ion installation that provides spinning reserves.

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