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The Doosan GridTech Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer™ (DG-DERO™) draws on a suite of bulk power applications to continually determine an optimal resource dispatch plan for your fleet of distributed assets, then presents the plan to power schedulers for acceptance or refinement.

Nimble Response to Changing Conditions

Buy Low, Use or Sell High

DG-DERO’s energy arbitrage application offers day-ahead schedules that charge ESS assets when load and prices are historically low and discharge when high. Local circuit factors, such as resource limits, maintenance events, and expected state of charge at start of day are also considered in formulating the recommended schedules.
energy arbitrage

Avoid Energy Congestion

DG-DERO’s Transmission Constraints Relief application enables distribution utility power schedulers to provide value to the transmission system by using distributed assets to relieve unexpected grid congestion.

Avoid Unfavorable Purchases

DG-DERO’s best market application responds to changing conditions—such as cloud cover affecting distributed generation or revised pricing forecasts—and proposes hour-ahead schedule adjustments to help our customers avoid expensive spot market energy costs.

Avoid Forecast Error Penalties

With the energy imbalance mitigation application, DG-DERO tracks current load and generation conditions and makes within-hour charge/discharge adjustments, using distributed assets to avoid or mitigate forecast error charges.
energy imbalance mitigation

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