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Components & Features

The Doosan GridTech Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer™ (DG-DERO™), server-based software that runs in the utility data center, employs standards-based communications with many sources of information to arrive at its fleet dispatch recommendations.

Market Trading System↔Data Retrieval Service, DERO Optimizer Service, Web Based HMI↔SCADA↔Operational Historian/Distributed Energy Resources

Product Components

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, customized for secure operations.
  • Doosan GridTech Data Retrieval Service to collect and merge external inputs.
  • Doosan GridTech Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer Service, comprising optimization and schedule generation technologies.
  • DG-DERO HMI, a graphical web application using Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server.

Key Features

  • Cyber-secure (NERC-CIP compliant), server-based operation draws from a suite of advanced bulk power applications.
  • Standards-based, real-time communication with external services (e.g., market trading system) and internal operational technology (e.g., SCADA, Historian).
  • Works with any MESA-ESS or DNP3-enabled ESS control system and is extensible to other resources such as demand-response and solar+storage.
  • Web-based graphical HMI offers tailored, interactive views of schedule data for power schedulers (day-ahead or hour-ahead) and system administrators.
  • Capable of dispatching both real power (load and generation) and reactive power (capacitive and inductive), with awareness of broader distribution circuit needs.
  • Configurable settings enable operators to prioritize local circuit needs, such as for power smoothing to mitigate the effects of rapid power swings from solar PV.
  • 30-day logging history.

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