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Components & Features

The Doosan GridTech Intelligent Controller™ (DG-IC™) provides the means to operate assets in pursuit of many goals, including minimizing fluctuations and other disruptions caused by renewable resources, deferring capital spending, and reducing outages on the system.

Utility Control and Scheduling

Product Components

  • Substation-hardened, rack-mounted computer with preinstalled software.
  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 Operating System, configured using the Industrial Automation configuration as a base then customized for secure ESS operation.
  • Controller software, including graphical human-machine interface (HMI) consistent with control room standards and designed for touch or keyboard/mouse interface.

Key Features

  • Autonomous operation draws from a suite of operating modes.
  • Multiple means of control: Local (on-site), Remote, or Automatic (scheduled).
  • Standards-based, real-time communication with ESS and other DER devices and with utility control systems such as SCADA.
  • Windows-based HMI that can be run locally (e.g., at a substation) or remotely.
  • Maintenance mode enables safe maintenance of individual DER components without system shutdown.
  • 30-day logging history.
  • Authentication via secure log-in.
  • Real-time constraints engine monitors operation and status of devices to ensure the safety of personnel and safe, effective operation of equipment.
  • Configurable and extensible alarm system.
  • Automatic failover in case of hardware failure (optional redundant system).

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