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The Doosan GridTech® software control platform places decision-making intelligence where it is most effective.

Desing Services, Control Software, System Integration services

The heart of Doosan GridTech’s offering is its software control platform consisting of the DG-IC and DG-DERO. We complement our software with an array of service offerings that leverage our utility and energy storage experience to help our customers ensure a successful project, whether the project involves the design and deployment of a stand-alone energy storage system (ESS), a microgrid, or the optimized management of a fleet of distributed energy resources (DER).

Software Intelligence Located Where Most Effective

The DG-IC’s local control logic minimizes latency in local operations that call for fast system response, while DG-DERO’s control-center-based logic coordinates DER fleet operations through dispatch schedules generated and propagated to distributed resources as bulk power conditions change and opportunities arise.
Doosan GridTech Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer (DG-DERO)
Doosan GridTech Intelligent Controller (DG-IC)

Doosan GridTech Intelligent Controller (DG-IC)

  • One per distributed energy resource, located at asset site.
  • Executes local, autonomous operating modes based on local sensors.
  • Provides standard MESA interface to all assets regardless of battery type/manufacturer.
Each control system works independently, using standard interfaces. When combined, the two products work together as a team. The DG-DERO’s extensible bulk power applications at the fleet level complement the DG-IC’s suite of local operating modes, rounding out the Doosan GridTech platform for utility control of fleets of distributed resources.

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Doosan GridTech® brings extensive experience in all aspects of power system integration projects to the goal of helping our customers derive maximum value from distributed energy resources.



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