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O&M/Warranties Services

Doosan GridTech™ warranties all our software and services, and we offer operation and maintenance service plans customized to the customer’s unique business needs.

For customers who opt for the Owner’s Engineer-based model for system integration, Doosan GridTech offers operations and maintenance (O&M) services designed to give customers the technical assistance they need while helping embrace energy storage as part of their normal asset mix.

The initial project contract generally includes training staff on routine maintenance tasks for the project until they are comfortable performing those tasks on their own.

Once the training period is over, our standard offer includes:

    • Prompting the utility on maintenance tasks as required by warranties;
    • Maintaining log files on maintenance done for use in warranty claims;
    • Diagnosing any problems that arise to determine where responsibility for correction lies;
    • Coordinating repairs/action by the responsible party or parties.

Pricing is based on customer requirements around availability and response time to enable the customer to take on as much of the work as they are comfortable assuming.

Doosan GridTech warranties all its software and services. We coordinate with the customer to align our products and services with the manufacturer’s warranties for major system components, such as batteries and power conversion systems. The goal is a customized plan that addresses all business requirements and provides transparency of component costs and prices to the customer.

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