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Wandoan South BESS
100MW / 150MWh

The Wandoan South BESS represents a step change in Queensland’s transition to a cleaner energy future and will lead the way for more investment in the state’s adoption of renewable energy.

With the capacity to power up to 57,000 average homes, the Wandoan South BESS will make a positive economic contribution to the local, regional, and national economies as one of the largest storage systems in Australia.

Doosan GridTech Solution

Doosan’s scope of work included the turnkey design, engineering, procurement, factory inspections & testing, delivery to site, construction, start-up, commissioning, and testing of all plant and equipment for the BESS. 

  • Over 500,000 lithium-ion battery cells are housed in a fully enclosed concrete building with a central fire and cooling management system housing – making the project more operationally efficient. The climate-controlled building assures their performance against harsh weather conditions. The thermal mass of the building makes the auxiliary usage for battery systems low compared to outdoor solutions. 

  • 34 outdoor inverter stations convert the cells' DC electricity to AC. Unlike many Battery Energy Storage Systems in the market, the inverters are pre-loaded to provide Blackstart and System Restart Ancillary Services.

Technical project objectives include:

  • Deliver a BESS capable of generating a net 100 MW output at a power factor of 0.93 into the 132kV network at the substation connection point — following the National Electricity Rules (NER) and Generator Performance Standards (GPS).

  • Assure energy storage discharge capacity of 150 MWh at the connection point and provide reactive power as well as voltage control at the 132kV connection point bus.


The Doosan GridTech Intelligent Controller® (DG-IC®) deploys advanced artificial intelligence to manage the system. It is one of the first battery control platforms built on open standard interfaces and programmed to face the rigid requirements of Australia’s transmission network.

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