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Capital BESS
100MW / 200MWh

Neoen is a major long-term partner in the Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) low-carbon transition and one of Australia’s leading renewable energy companies. The ACT is an internationally recognized 100% renewable electricity jurisdiction focused on reaching net zero emissions by 2045.


Neoen has committed to building a battery storage facility with at least 50 MW capacity in the nation’s capital to support and stabilize ACT’s electricity grid. The battery will be open to community co-investment, providing residents of the ACT and the Capital region an opportunity to become financial stakeholders in the project.

Doosan GridTech Solution

Neoen selected a consortium of Doosan Enerbility and its subsidiary, Doosan GridTech, to build the 100 MW / 200 MWh Capital Battery - the largest standalone battery storage system in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) at the time of the award. The consortium provided engineering, procurement, and construction services with a 20-year operations and maintenance program.


The Capital Battery connects to Australia’s national electricity grid via the transmission network as a grid-scale battery storage system. The 627-battery unit system provides power to help avoid blackouts during periods of high demand and when large fossil fuel generators fail in heatwave conditions.


Doosan GridTech’s Intelligent Controller provides a predictable supply of electricity to the grid through its ability to dispatch energy during peak times of demand. The upgradeable software ensures long-term risk management flexibility for technology options and adaptation to meet future grid needs.

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