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Energy Management System



Doosan GridTech’s fully-optimized, market-leading control platform places decision-making intelligence where it is most effective

The heart of our business is our two-tier software control platform, built on open standards, that operates at both the individual site and fleet dispatch levels. This platform provides you with the tools to integrate distributed energy resources into your electricity system while maintaining reliable, high-quality service to your customers.

Doosan GridTech is a founding member of the MESA Standards Alliance.

ESS Applications

Our control platform was created to serve any ESS use case. From bulk power system applications to remote community backup support and reliability to integrating renewable power on a circuit using multiple ESSs.

Doosan GridTech ESS Applications
Doosan GridTech's software utilizes open standard communication protocols

Utilizing these standards significantly reduces the complexity and non-recurring engineering costs of integrating multiple, different proprietary standards within an energy storage portfolio.



The Doosan GridTech Intelligent Controller® (DG-IC®) provides powerful, extensible control and communications for energy storage systems and other distributed energy resources.

Key Benefits

The DG-IC offers safe, secure monitoring and control of ESSs and other assets, enabling utilities to cost-effectively integrate renewable energy while maintaining high power quality and reliability.

Operating Modes

The DG-IC features a suite of operating modes that enables utilities to solve problems associated with the integration of renewables and other distributed energy resources into the electrical grid. 

Components & Features

The DG-IC provides the means to operate assets in pursuit of many goals, including minimizing fluctuations and other disruptions caused by renewable resources, deferring capital spending, and reducing outages on the system.

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DG-IC Brochure

Doosan GridTech is the proud recipient of two Grid Edge Awards
GridEdge 2016


The Doosan GridTech Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer® (DG-DERO® or DERO®) is a distributed energy resource management system that securely aggregates and optimizes the economic value of energy storage systems and other distributed resources.

Key Benefits

Based in the utility control center, DERO enables secure, grid-aware aggregation and optimization of energy storage and other distributed energy resources.


DERO draws on a suite of bulk power applications to continually determine an optimal resource dispatch plan for your fleet of distributed assets, then presents the plan to power schedulers for acceptance or refinement.

Components & Features

DERO, our server-based software that runs in the utility data center, employs standards-based communications with many sources of information to arrive at its fleet dispatch recommendations.

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DERO Brochure


Doosan GridTech's Performance Analyzer (DG-PA™) is a secure, cloud-based solution, working in tandem with either DG-IC or DERO, and monitors and analyzes storage and solar assets’ health and performance in near real-time.

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