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The Doosan GridTech Intelligent Controller® (DG-IC®), the circuit-based component of the Doosan platform, provides powerful, extensible control and communications for energy storage systems and other distributed energy resources.

Responds Quickly

Prioritized operating modes with sub-second response to variations in real or reactive power, voltage, and frequency mean a quick response to your most pressing needs.

Adapts Readily

Configurable parameters, constraints, and settings and a commitment to open standards-based communications ensure the systems can meet your specifications in AC and DC-coupled applications.

Delivers Safely and Reliably

Built-in features – maintenance mode, three-tier alarm system, failsafe shutdown – ensures personnel, the grid, and the system are safe.

Extensible artificial intelligence energy management for battery energy storage and hybrid power systems. Fully flexible, precision programming delivers safe, reliable control and optimization with rapid response to changing conditions in real-time.

DG-IC Screenshots
Create a scalable control platform for your distributed energy resources (DER)

Without a consistent platform, each new energy storage or other DER asset you deploy requires one-off connections, increasing costs and risks while becoming less manageable with volume or over time. The Doosan GridTech control platform uses utility-supported open MESA standards, enabling consistent and scalable communications and control across multiple DER assets. When combined with DERO®, the DG-IC’s suite of local operating modes complement DERO’s bulk power applications for distributed fleet optimization, rounding out our platform for utility control of fleets of DER.

Integrate renewable energy into your grid more easily

With energy storage and other distributed energy resources managed by the DG-IC, you can smoothly integrate new energy resources, such as wind and solar, into your electrical grid. Our suite of powerful operating modes makes it possible to direct energy storage systems and other electrical assets to automatically absorb and discharge real and reactive power in response to the undesirable effects of fluctuating renewable energy on the system.


Get the most out of your investment

You can configure the DG-IC’s suite of built-in operating modes to multi-task and operate on pre-defined schedules, fine-tuning the system to reach its maximum economic value based on changing grid and market conditions. Doosan GridTech software is also extensible so that you can create your own mode and integrate it via our secure Application Programming Interface (API).


Manage your risk in deploying new technology

Designed to utility standards of safety and reliability, the DG-IC software includes a constraints engine to ensure safe operations for personnel and equipment, standard MESA communication interfaces to provide choice in component vendors, an extensible platform to address changing technological requirements, and optional failover support that mitigates the risk of equipment failure.

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