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Able Grid, Astral Electricity select Doosan’s Intelligent Controller software to operate the largest standalone battery storage system in the ERCOT market

January 28, 2021

Able Grid Energy Solutions has chosen Doosan GridTech’s Intelligent Controller® EMS platform to operate its 100MW Chisholm Grid battery energy storage system (BESS) in Fort Worth, Texas. This facility is a next-generation flexible resource capable of optimizing arbitrage, ancillary service markets, and advanced grid services such as Fast Frequency Response. At the start of commercial operation in mid-2021, it will be the largest standalone BESS participating in the ERCOT market (Electricity Reliability Council of Texas).

Developed by Able Grid Infrastructure Holdings, LLC, a joint venture between Able Grid and MAP RE/ES, the Chisholm Grid BESS will be a containerized system owned by Astral Electricity, LLC, a privately-held energy storage power producer. Intended to be a cost-effective resource to supplant costlier and less flexible thermal generating units, Chisholm Grid’s engineers sought an independent EMS provider, like Doosan, to manage the 38-container fleet with an innovative, advanced platform and successful implementation track record.

Doosan’s winning solution pairs its on-premise Intelligent Controller platform with its cloud-based Performance Analyzer module to deliver a comprehensive energy management system (EMS). This system is built on open standard communication interfaces and has proven its ability to meet the rigorous 250ms ramp requirements of ERCOT’s Fast Frequency Response market.

Under the operation of Doosan’s Intelligent Controller, the BESS will meet the high-performance requirements of the site through:

  • State-of-the-art control architecture for sub-cycle processing and accurate power targets

  • Highly reliable, self-healing software with zero downtime updates

  • Predictive maintenance and battery warranty management

  • This is Doosan’s third BESS project in Texas that uses its Intelligent Controller platform.

Doosan’s Performance Analyzer module will allow Chisholm Grid system operators to create custom key performance indicators, benchmarks, and visualizations through a flexible user interface. This feature will give them secure visibility into the current and expected status of assets or fleet of assets in real-time. Using historical data and sophisticated models underscored by artificial intelligence, the Performance Analyzer will also provide meaningful predictions that will assist in operational decision-making.

“We are honored that Able Grid has chosen our energy management system to run the largest standalone BESS in the United States outside of California, ” said Troy Nergaard, Doosan Grid Tech’s CEO. “We recently worked with Austin Energy to refine our advanced predictive controls system and support their entrance into the ERCOT market. As a municipal utility seeking to optimize its DERs, Austin Energy depended on our platform to ensure reliable dispatch. We are excited to be working with Able Grid and its partners over the next several months to build an even more robust ISO-participating platform to face the evolving demands of ERCOT.”

MAP RE/ES has been an innovating and leading investor in renewable energy projects since 2005 and has directly funded the development of more than 16,000MW of operating wind and solar generating capacity located across the United States. In December 2020, MAP RE/ES announced the acquisition by Global Infrastructure Partners Fund (GIP) Fund IV, acquired 100% of the MAP RE/ES investment platform, energy storage, and renewable energy assets under management.

Astral Electricity, LLC is a privately-held energy storage power producer that sees an opportunity where others see risk. Astral leverages decades of experience funding and developing wind and solar projects throughout the country to create a unique view on the future fabric of power generation, transmission and energy consumption. Astral’s deployment of large-scale standalone energy storage systems provides a new dimension of market-based solutions that balance electricity grids while catalyzing electricity sector decarbonization.

About Able Grid

Able Grid Energy Solutions, Inc. (“Able Grid”) is a utility-scale energy storage developer. In partnership with utilities, municipalities, communities, and leading corporate buyers, Able Grid is developing low-cost energy storage assets that provide reliable, emissions-free capacity to manage the physical and financial volatility of energy markets. We focus on investing in communities and markets where energy storage will provide long-term value to utilities managing a diverse energy portfolio to provide low-cost and sustainable power for their customers.

About Doosan GridTech

Doosan GridTech® is an award-winning team of power system engineers, software developers, and turnkey energy storage specialists. We help electric utilities and other megawatt-scale power producers evaluate, procure, integrate and optimize energy storage, solar power, and other distributed energy resources. Our multi-disciplined teams in Seattle, Melbourne, and Seoul have designed, built, and controlled over 30 energy storage installations in the Americas and Asian-Pacific regions – representing 310MW of capacity. Ranked as one of the top energy storage solution providers by Navigant Research and Bloomberg New Energy Finance, we are the proud recipients of two Grid Innovation Awards from GreenTech Media.

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