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Vena Energy Selects Doosan GridTech To Deliver Queensland’s Largest Grid-Scale Energy Storage System (100MW/150MWh)

November 2, 2020

Vena Energy Australia has named Doosan GridTech as its EPC partner to build Queensland’s largest battery energy storage system (BESS), which will play a major role in improving grid stability and supporting the state’s shift to renewable energy. Located near Wandoan in the state’s southwest region, the BESS will have a discharge capacity of 100MW and will deliver 150MWh of energy, enough to provide power for 57,000 homes.

“As our first grid-scale energy storage project, the Wandoan South BESS in South West Queensland required an EPC partner that carries Doosan’s expertise depth and market credibility,” said Anil Nangia, Head of Vena Energy Australia. “We view Doosan as a long-term partner who shares our desires to accelerate the transition to renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific region and to enrich local economies and communities.”

Doosan’s design of one of the largest battery systems in Australia features:

  • a customized battery building that will efficiently manage the safety, protection and ambient temperature control for more than 20,000 lithium-ion batteries;

  • Doosan’s cutting edge control and monitoring software supporting plant management and allowing the BESS’ participation in the ancillary service market;

  • the ability to convert to a battery/solar hybrid control for future system evolution.

“We are honored that Vena Energy Australia has chosen Doosan GridTech to deliver Queensland’s largest battery energy storage system as the country enters a new dawn of renewable energy solutions,” said Adrian Marziano, General Manager – Doosan GridTech-Australia. “The Wandoan South BESS represents a big step in building our momentum in end-to-end grid-scale battery storage systems. We are once again demonstrating that competitively priced turnkey systems deployed alongside advanced and flexible control platforms are winning propositions for global renewable developers. Turnkey delivery provides simplicity of purchase and a higher degree of short-term risk management. Advanced and upgradable software ensures long-term risk management in the form of flexibility for technology options and adaptation to meet future network needs.”

The BESS will be operated by Doosan’s Intelligent Controller® (DG-IC®) ̶ one of the first storage control systems built on open standard interfaces and capable of meeting the rigorous requirements of the Australian transmission system. The DG-IC is the intelligence of a BESS system with speed to coordinate complex schedules and operating modes within the plant system platform while ensuring power quality is maintained.

About Vena Energy

Vena Energy Australia is a subsidiary of Vena Energy, a leading Independent Power Producer (IPP) of renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific region, with over 11 gigawatts in operation, construction and development. In Australia, Vena Energy is progressing over 2.5 gigawatts of renewable energy projects across the country. Headquartered in Singapore, Vena Energy manages the development, design, procurement, construction and maintenance of its solar, wind and battery energy storage systems in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. Vena Energy is committed to engaging local communities through its portfolio projects’ investment lifecycles, as well as the incorporation of the management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards into its strategy and business practices. For more information, please visit

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