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The Doosan GridTech Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer® (DERO®) is a distributed energy resource management system that securely aggregates and optimizes the economic value of energy storage systems and other distributed resources. DERO is a field-proven distributed energy resource management system providing control, monitoring, and optimization of distributed energy resources. Be it a single energy storage system or a fleet of thousands of devices, DERO works to maximize the value of DERs through a flexible, modular, and configurable set of applications.

Optimizes Value

As conditions change, multiple applications are optimized on intra-hour, hourly, or daily time horizons.

Simplifies Fleet Management

Serves as a central hub for all DERs – no need for multiple custom portals as DERs proliferate. The modular, flexible architecture allows for scaling to 1,000’s of devices

Lowers Risk

The embrace of open-standards both lowers the cost and time for DER integration and preserves flexibility to add or swap components in the future.

Customers have benefited from DERO in multiple use-cases


  • Distribution utility automatically dispatches energy storage to mitigate wind forecast variance – avoiding expensive purchases of power from the spot market.

  • Unexpected deviations from a utility’s load forecasts are avoided automatically by charging or discharging a fleet of ESSs – avoiding charges from the balancing authority.

  • Distribution utility dispatches a set of behind-the-meter ESSs to minimize transmission system demand charges.

  • Distribution utility engages a combination of ESS and solar photovoltaic (PV) resources to provide voltage support services on circuits with high penetration of rooftop PV.


DERO Screenshot 2020
Achieve grid-aware optimization, not just aggregation

DERO puts the utility in the center of the emerging distributed energy landscape by enabling bulk power requests for aggregated behind-the-meter resources to be routed through the distribution utility, ensuring that the resulting responses do not create unintended consequences for the distribution grid.

Maximize the economic value of distributed energy resources

DERO matches the capabilities of a diverse ESS fleet to available bulk power opportunities on a day-ahead, hour-ahead, and real-time basis, generating resource-specific schedules to automate fleet operations for highest and best use.

Connect more easily to varied assets and data sources

DERO uses open standards such as MESA (Modular Energy Storage Architecture), OpenADR, Web Services, ICCP, and DNP3 to provide maximum interoperability between components from different vendors while minimizing custom engineering around its installation and operations.

Create a scalable control platform for your distributed energy resources

When combined with the DG-IC®, DERO’s bulk power applications for distributed fleet optimization complement the DG-IC’s suite of local operating modes, rounding out our platform for utility control of energy storage fleets and other distributed resources.


Manage risk in deploying new technology

Designed to utility standards of safety, security, and reliability, DERO is NERC-CIP-compliant, server-based software that can be installed behind utility firewalls and integrated with operations technology such as SCADA.

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